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About PCR Digital Forensics

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Ms. Anna Theriot, M.S. Comp. Sci., CCE, CCFE, ACE 
Certified Computer Examiner

Ms. Theriot received her B.S. in Computer Science in 1990. In 1993, she authored a book on Visual Basic programming (in Swedish, She went on to work as a software developer in Visual Basic and ASP, and worked with the development and technical support of software used for conducting web-based surveys. In 2003 she enrolled at the Center for Adanced Computer Studies (CACS) at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. During her time there, Ms. Theriot worked as a teaching assistant for the lab classes in C++ data structures as well as a teaching assistant for a graduate level class in Cryptography. She received her M.S. in Computer Science in 2005, after which she joined PC Recovery LLC.  Ms. Theriot completed several custom programming projects for clients, including custom online product catalogs and custom online ordering systems. Working initially with the client service side of PC Recovery LLC, she gained experience working daily with hardware and networks for clients, performing duties such as hard drive replacements, network troubleshooting, server and workstation installations, software installations and virus removals. She has performed extensive work in logical data recovery, scouring hard drives for fragments of salvagable information, and trained in-house at PC Recovery LLC in physical data recovery, including headstack replacements and platter swaps. Ms. Theriot completed Computer Forensics training with the InfoSec Institute.  She is a member of the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners and holds three computer forensic certifications: Certfied Computer Examiner (ISFCE), Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (Information Assurance Certification Review Board), and AccessData Certified Examiner (AccessData). In 2010 she co-founded PC Recovery Digital Forensics. Ms. Theriot has performed forensic examinations in connection with both civil and criminal matters.

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Mr. Michael R. Theriot, B.S.

Mr. Michael Theriot has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology. He completed his B.S. at Univeristy of Louisiana and went on to found PC Recovery LLC, providing computer networking services to business clients. He has extensive experience working with Linux and Windows based servers and networks. He is highly proficient in all types of computer hardware and networking, and over the years his work gradually moved in to the area of data recovery, working with hard drives on both a logical and physical level. Mr. Theriot saw a need for his services on a larger scale and decided to invest heavily in data recovery technology and equipment, including a hard drive lab clean room for opening hard drives and performing delicate internal drive repairs.  He has also developed proprietary data recovery tools that he and his staff currently use in-house. Mr. Theriot's advanced expertise in data recovery is well known among his peers in the field of data recovery as well as among the local IT companies. He has recovered data for small and large businesses, state and federal government agencies, private individuals as well as for other data recovery companies around the country and in other parts of the world. He has extensive experience working with a large number of file systems and Operating Systems, and with all types of hard drives and media. He is an expert in hard drive PCB repair, firmware repair, logical data extraction and physical drive repairs. Mr. Theriot founded PC Recovery LLC, an IT service company, in 2003, and in 2010 he co-founded PC Recovery Digital Forensics.