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Advanced Data Recovery Services

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Digital Forensics Data Recovery Louisiana

So what happens if you have a drive that is not working, but you believe it may contain data that may be relevant to your case?  PC Recovery Digital Forensics offers a full range of in-house, advanced data recovery services, including PCB board repair, chip-off data extraction and recovery of physically damaged drives (Class 100 Cleanroom in-house) - we can in many cases recover data from drives that have crashed read/write heads, faulty firmware, and drives that been exposed to water, fire or other physical damage. Chain of Custody is kept intact because all work is done in-house, and your drive is not shipped off to a third party.  Our technicians have recovered physically damaged drives in connection with both civil and criminal cases.  Give us a call today to discuss your case.


For Digital Forensics cases, it is your responsibility to provide names of all parties or potential parties prior to engagement so that we can determine if a potential conflict of interest may exist in consulting with you.

PC Recovery Digital Forensics, Inc. is not formally retained until Engagement Agreement is signed and Engagement Fee is paid, and you may not identify or designate Anna Theriot or PC Recovery Digital Forensics, Inc. as an expert or consultant in your case until and unless PC Recovery Digital Forensics, Inc. has agreed in writing to do so.

If PC Recovery Digital Forensics, Inc. is not retained in a timely manner, neither PC Recovery Digital Forensics, Inc. nor Anna Theriot are limited in the ability to accept work, and you may not challenge acceptance thereof, in any matter, including for your opponent or any party who may be adverse to you/your client's interests, even if you have shared confidential information with PC Recovery Digital Forensics, Inc. or Anna Theriot relating to such client or matter. Accordingly, you should not share confidential information until PC Recovery Digital Forensics, Inc. is formally engaged.